About Me

Edward Nevard (self), pictured in 2023.
Edward Nevard

Hi, I'm Edward Nevard - 23 years old and live in Hampshire, UK. I'm a cyber security & digital resillience engineer, post-grad academic & writer.


2022 - MSc Cyber Security Engineering - Distinction
2021 - BSc (Hons) Computer Systems and Networks Engineering - 1:1
2018 - Oxford, Cambridge & RSA IT Level 3 Extended Diploma - Dist*Dist*

Stuff I'm working on:

The Cyber Show
The Cyber Show podcast. Three real hackers, diverse in their world views and politics unite in a passionate, deeply critical quest to understand our technological society.
The Cyber Show, a cyber security podcast like no other.
Cyber Self-Defence Handbook
My Cyber Self-Defence Handbook, currently due to be released in winter 2023.
This is an IT Support Group | Community. Events. Knowledge.
A popular group for IT Professionals and students
Edward Nevard | Solent University
Edward Nevard research project for the SCAIDS conference.
Master's Research Paper Publication


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